I obtained my CNA in July 2003. I started working in long-term care as a CNA in September 2003 and worked in that position for five years. I enjoyed assisting the geriatric population.

I took a break from the duties of a CNA and shifted to the administrative side of long-term care in July 2008. In that position, I worked for eight and one-half years in data entry, inputting MDS’s following the RAI guidelines. I have experience with ICD-9/10 coding and in building face sheets and managing insurance information. I also updated the resident roster on a daily basis, helped pass out meals and beverages to the residents, and helped other departments with tasks involving Medical Records and Social Services.

In March 2017, I joined the Brynwood Myofascial Therapy Clinic as their Receptionist. I share the same goal as Brynwood Myofascial Therapy Clinic and that goal is to make each clinic appointment for the patients as pleasant as possible. Working at Brynwood Myofascial Therapy Clinic has been an exciting change, and I look forward to the future as the clinic continues to grow.