Beata Mekalski, LMT

Beata Mekalski, LMT2018-01-08T02:50:18+00:00

I graduated from Rockford Career College in 2016 for Therapeutic Massage. I graduated from Rock Valley College in 2017 with an Associates in Science degree.

I started my career at Brynwood Myofascial Therapy as a student with an externship. During my externship, I gained insight into Myofascial Release therapy and its benefits. When I saw the positive affect it had on patients with their pain relief, I knew this was the type of help I wanted to be able to give to my patients. I saw how many patients had a decrease in connective tissue restrictions, elimination of pain, and restored motion with long-term improvements.

My therapy experience includes chiropractic massage, chair massage, physiotherapy, guasha, cupping, and Myofascial Release.

I am originally from Poland, moving to the United States in 1997. I am a US citizen.

I started taking John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release seminars in November 2016.

My John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Seminars include:
• Myofascial Release I
• Cervical-Thoracic Myofascial Release
• Fascial-Pelvis Myofascial Release