My career began in traditional occupational therapy.   Thru this profession, I was introduced to myofascial release in 1997.  As I began consistently incorporating MFR in my treatments, I was impressed by the longer lasting results. Other therapists asked what it was I was doing for more effective treatment and I would show them techniques I had learned. I continued to hone my skills and advance my career in OT.  I had the opportunity to educate and train other therapists interested in MFR when I later became a therapy director.

Watching fellow therapists have a career solely in MFR was hard as it had always been a personal goal of mine but, because I was the sole support of a family of six, it had to be the right time.  I began to explore other aspects of MFR.  I felt becoming a reiki level 1 and 2 practitioner would help me explore some of the results I was getting when I felt the need for a lighter touch as well as give me the opportunity to connect mind-body-spirit. Being an athlete, I have always explored ways to enhance my performance.  I continued my research into herbs, foods, supplements and essential oils that benefit the body, enhance performance and decrease pain/inflammation.  In my research, I found how this combination was really the answer to chronic pain and disease.

The time had come when I was finding it to difficult to function as an effective therapist in a traditional health care setting.  It was at this time I was approached with an opportunity to work at Brynwood Myofascial Therapy. Since working here, I continued my education to become an expert level myofascial therapist.  I also became a licensed massage therapist as it was something John Barnes felt he needed to do later in his career and I love studying anatomy and physiology.  I have enjoyed every minute of my journey with the Brynwood staff and clients and look forward to many more years growing as a myofascial therapist and bodyworker.